Rugby player cryolipolysis and fat loss treatments Garswood

Rugby Healthy Sport to Play to Lose Weight

Rugby is a tough sport. Few sportspeople go through such intense training and high impact damage as rugby players. The aerobic fitness required to play a full match of rugby is insane.

Players train several times a week aerobically and drink large amounts after training. Despite running and colliding a lot rugby players often complain that pockets of fat still linger around their bodies.

The worst issue that many rugby players report are moobs. Male boobs or excessive fat in the mammary region is an uncomfortable issue to have when you spend a lot of your time running around and colliding with people.

When running, excessive mammary tissue bounces and wrenches the pectoral tissue; this is very painful.

How does Cryopolysis Make it easier to lose weight:

Whilst exercise does not always help to remove these specific pockets of fat there is a solution; cryolipolysis. This process is an amazing way to remove fatty tissue by freezing it and then allowing the body to rid itself of the tissue itself. Cryolipolysis Garswood is pain-free and gradually reduces the amount of fatty tissue over a range of treatments.

After treatment, the mammary fatty tissue will be gone and the skin will tighten over the area leading to the loss of the painful bounce. This is a new way of achieving your goals either after exercise has failed or you need it to work faster.

Whether you are a prop, scrum half or full back the benefits of cryolipolysis should be clear. Lose the moobs and see a new you today. Isn’t it time to give yourself the body that all your exercise deserves? Try cryolipolysis today and meet the new you!

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